Services Offered

Code & Zoning Reserach

We review the code and zoning requirements for every project.  Often this is completed with the jurisdiction at a pre-application conference.  This is also a service we provide for clients who are evaluating properties as part of their due diligence prior to executing a purchase of real estate.

CAD Drafting

All our drafting work is computerized. We receive detailed surveys and engineer’s drawings in CAD format so that all our designs match existing conditions and the designs of our consultants.

Site Design

We evaluate the surrounding environment, adjacent buildings, streets and pedestrian circulation patterns to develop site layouts that function well and meet our client’s needs as well as jurisdictional requirements. Traffic intensive sites such as convenience stores, car washes and quick service restaurants are a specialty.

Building Design

Meeting the needs of our clients is our primary objective. We strive to have our building designs function effectively. Our extensive knowledge of building materials and methods helps us develop designs that are economical to build and we strive to identify cost saving design alternatives.

Permit Coordination

Cutting through the jurisdictional mire of permits is a skill we have developed over the years. In many jurisdictions we know exactly who to talk to and is some cases, whom to avoid, to get your permit processed as effectively as possible.

Construction Observation

On the job site we work with contractors to help ensure that the design and construction documents are followed to provide our clients with the best quality project possible.